Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

What is is the ultimate collection place for every coloring fan with more than 2000 great quality, printable coloring pages for children and their parents. Here you will easily find your favorite characters from a cartoon, computer game or TV series. It’s enough to mention Frozen, Spiderman, Winnie The Pooh, Dora, Peppa, Minions, Star Wars, Super Wings, Paw Patrol, Superman, and many more pictures.

✅ But maybe you are not the biggest fan of contemporary pop culture?

Then you will probably prefer free coloring sheets to print with animals, birds, fruits, motorcycles, insects or the greatest animals of all times – dinosaurs. What is more, we also have a special category of printable coloring pages for kids with extraordinary educational values. They will help you to learn foreign languages and improve many intellectual features. Of course also for free. We highly recommend visiting this category. Because there is no better way to learn than through fun!

Find printable coloring pages for the whole family!

But this form of entertainment does not have to be reserved exclusively for the youngest. Parents deserve some fun as well. There are several main categories dedicated to our more mature visitors: Relaxing, Mandalas, Tattoos and Famous coloring pages. When you are looking for a way to relax and calm down then you are definitely in a right place. It is a good idea to visit after a bad day at work or just on a regular evening spent at home. Printable pictures of mandalas or geometric figures will help you to regain the peace of mind and gather scattered thoughts. So do not hesitate any longer and give it a try:)

Therapeutic effects of coloring pages

There has been a large increase in coloring books specifically for adults in the last 6 or 7 years. Part of this increase has been that once it was started, and adults started doing it, researchers were keen to understand whether it had any therapeutic benefits. People who are suffering from depression, anxiety and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Autism Spectrum Disorder and schizophrenia have all reported that coloring in calms them and helps them return from a heightened, emotional state to a more centred state of mind. Scientists speculate that the discipline of being guided by the lines helps to create order in disordered minds.

The 5 most relevant therapeutic benefits of coloring for adults

  1. Focusing on the lines of the picture that lies before you helps you to achieve a state of mindfulness as you are being completely present and not distracted by other thoughts.
  2. The lack of distraction quietens a busy and anxious mind.
  3. This quieting lowers stress and anxiety, giving you relief from worry.
  4. It boosts your self-esteem as you engage in a creative process that does not require much independent thought or skills.
  5. It promotes good sleep if done prior to bedtime as the positive effects of reducing anxiety will stay with you. Over time this reduced anxiety improves mental and physical well-being

There have been many studies in recent years that demonstrate many good benefits that coloring in can have not just for children but for adults as well. Developing skills with colouring in can be developed even with people who may not have very artistic talents. It builds their confidence and can support further artistic skill building.

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